Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going further

So, 4 years and a half after having started my bachelor degree at the University of Montreal in Computer Science, I am done. It has been a long and painful process where I struggled with myself about if I was completing it or not. If I knew what was awaiting me, which is a lot of maths and not a lot of programming, I would have gone elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, this program is very good —but for people who love optimization, maths, theoretical computer science and quantum computing, which isn’t my strength or particularly my field of interest. I guess it is my fault anyway, I should have checked before.

Anyway, now that it is over, it is time to put it into practice. I worked for 4 years in a mid-size Web company and now I decided to associate myself with a rather new startup and hop in head first. I worked with them for a while as a consultant and they do business the way I like it: great company spirit, nice ideas, will of using the new and open-source technologies and decent business hours. Come and see us!

I always told myself that a nice work environment where you feel comfortable and continuously challenged is the most important. Hence, I will continue in the same path, sharing the interesting stuff I find while exploring the different Web technologies and trying to make some sense of all this HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL/WTV.

Also, I finally decided to create myself a LinkedIn and a professional Twitter.

See you on the Interwebs!

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