Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – When giants get together

Starting to build websites can be very hard, keeping up with the technology is a must and building cross-browsers is a daily crisis. A lot of great resources are available to learn, share and experiment but in the end, one must often spend hours to find a way to make exactly what he wants.

The correct way is always changing. One of the worst is to embed a video. Do we use a Flash player, a video tag, or both ? Perhaps a javascript fallback on top of it ? What about codecs and fullscreen ? These things always evolve, adjusting with new technology and new hacks that are found.

Now, giants have decided to do something about it and help us, poor souls. Featuring big companies and big names, here is the launch video of a new wiki called It is really at an alpha stage, but with all those names on it, they could have as well called it

Also, as a bonus, check out a TED talk from Tim Berners Lee, whom we attribute merely the invention of the World Wide Web:

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